15 Ways YOU Can Make Change


  1. Comment on social media. Whenever there is news posted that is relevant to protected bike paths such as bike safety, new road construction, city budget, or bike related tragedies, chime in about how protected bike paths are needed. Always include an example picture of a protected bike path in the comment if possible. A picture adds impact and makes it easier for locals to understand this relatively new and foreign concept. Accounts especially on Facebook have the most weight. Instagram and YouTube also help. Pages such as local news KRIS TV, the official city account, public works, and even the city council member’s pages are great places for attention.  City council members often refer to social media comments when making major decisions rather than detailed studies with a large sample of the population (as it should be but isn’t).
  1. Email your city council member in your district, all the city council members at large, the mayor and the city manager. You can copy and paste the sample email on our website or you can write your own. Make sure it is professional, sophisticated, backed by data and facts and from the heart. Make sure to include your full name and address so they know you are a registered voter. The average city council member receives 10 personalized emails a day, I was told. Send follow up emails and touch base every few months. The goal of this is to add pressure and also written proof that they can present to city staff to act immediately.
  1. Fill out city surveys. The city makes major decisions to our landscape based on these surveys, and sadly not many people fill them out. (only 100 respondents in the last survey,  https://www.cctexas.com/sites/default/files/Public_Survey_2_Summary.pdf) Make sure to mention the need for protected bike paths in any survey option and in the comment section. To get notified of city surveys when they come out, visit https://creatingcc.com/ and click on the link to “Register” for “engagement opportunities”. 
  1. Participate in-person “input sessions”, especially concerning the city budget. The city likes to say they have the community’s input when making big decisions by having in person forums. They are not typically widely advertised, you as the citizen must take it upon yourself to find out about it or register here to find out about the next one by registering here https://creatingcc.com/  or following us on social media.
  1. Publicly comment at the city council meetings. This opportunity is open to anybody. You can do it in person, by phone or by web. You can present a video or pictures. Don’t be intimidated by this option! It’s really easy! Full instructions are here: https://www.cctexas.com/detail/covid-19-public-comment-input-procedures 
  2. Sign the petition! https://chng.it/22trw2tC 
  1. Print one of our posters and post it on a community board. It could be at work, church or a local cafe. The PDF link is here:


  1. Follow us and engage with our posts on social media! 



  1. Go for a bike ride! Show the public there is a demand!
  1. Talk to your friends, family and coworkers about the need for protected bike paths.
  1. Vote for bike-friendly & competent candidates! Research the candidates or follow us on social media to see who we endorse.
  1. Support your local bike shop! Hype Byke 311 Peoples Street, in Downtown Corpus Christi.
  1. Advertise on your personal space! Wear a t-shirt at least one outing a week. Put up a sign on your yard. Put a sticker on your car.
  1. Donate! This whole project has been paid out of my personal pocket. Any funds received (which has been none) will be used to pay for the website and anything extra would be used to print more posters and advertise.
  1.  Do you want to do more? Do you have a clever idea we forgot to include? Do you have an expertise that could help us advocate further? Writing? Photography? Public speaking? Send us an email!