CC Doesn’t Request Funds for Protected Bike Paths Even Though It Is Readily Available?

City Council Members Unanimously Approve Item 18, “Reconnecting Communities Pilot Grant Application”, a program meant to help marginalized people better access society with improved transportation. They disregarded protected bike paths even after my public comment video.

See this specific clip:

This is my public comment video:

For more details about how the city staff filled out this grant that is supposed to help poor people have better transportation, see here:

I can’t believe Corpus Christi doesn’t build protected bike paths even when the money is readily available. That’s sad.

This is the official page of the $1 billion grant program, it even has a touching video that summarizes the problem of poor people being left out of society because of transportation and the solution that they are providing cities all across USA. Too bad Corpus Christi won’t take advantage of it. This program specifically mentions funding “protected bike paths”.

I am told that CC might have a “multi modal” path using this grant, but to me, this sounds like Corpus Christi making extra wide sidewalks and calling it a day. It sounds to me that CC is not considering the needs of the community especially since we have a petition of over 700 signatures demanding better.

Please let your city council member know that we are watching and we are disappointed they didn’t challenge item 18!

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