Transportation should be inclusive for everybody!

I was so happy to speak at the Committee for Persons With Disabilities today. These were the points I wanted to really emphasize at the meeting today:

1. Transportation is a right every individual has. Transportation should be inclusive to everybody! Protected bike paths can include a whole segment of the population that have difficulty getting around the city.

2. Many people cannot get a drivers license because of their differing abilities. Here is the full list of reasons why an individual cannot get a driver’s license. Look at the Texas Medical Advisory Board Guide for Determining Driver Limitation:
Many people who cannot get a drivers license are still able to ride a bike. They have every right to get around safely!

3. The money is there. There are lots of federal fund programs the city could apply for. Recently Joe Biden announced a $5 billion fund to make streets safer, which includes bike paths!

Also, I want to point out that a protected bike path is a one time investment that will always help the marginalized unlike other programs that require monthly subsidies. It is an investment worthy of making as it has a lot of returns on investment as countless studies have shown over and over again.

Here are the Google Slides of my presentation:

It has pictures of what protected bike paths look like and even Google Maps screenshot of how long it would take to get to two different points in a city with a car vs. bike vs. bus vs. walking!

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At City Council Meeting

Cyclists voices were heard yesterday at a city council meeting. I made a public comment and I think it was effective because I actually gave them a video with visuals of the state of our bike paths. Two city council members got in contact with me right away to fix this problem. Here is the video of my comment. I’m at minute 29.

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