Fill Out Surveys

Cities make permanent decisions to define our living landscape with city surveys. Not many people fill them out so when you fill it out and mention protected bike paths, it will have a lot of weight! It only takes a few minutes! Here are the current surveys open to the public:


The city is currently taking public input about local transportation. This is a critical survey for bike safety.

Please FILL OUT THIS CRUCIAL SURVEY and let your voice be HEARD TODAY.

They issued a similar survey 7 years ago and less than 300 respondents, which led to no results. This time, we will make sure that the community is clear in the need for safety for all methods of transportation.

There are critical questions in this 5 minute survey you need to answer. On the second page, you have a chance to write your opinion. Here is your chance to specify clearly, “We need protected bike lanes”. 

You can fill out this survey on your phone! It’s really easy! What’s really important is that you write a comment about protected bike lanes in the second page!

Please FILL OUT THIS CRUCIAL SURVEY and let your voice be HEARD TODAY.

Thank your support! Please follow us on for more updates!

(updated September 20, 2023)