Why have protected bike paths – 14 Reasons

Protected bike paths can literally contribute to all facets of city life, local economics, health, happiness, and safety!

  1. Corpus Christi is ranked amongst the worst cities for cycling in America.  


  1. There is a petition of at least 1000 signatures. There are names and zip codes in the petition. https://chng.it/22trw2tC 
  2. The city makes big decisions with less input!  Look at the last five city issued surveys. The last city survey had less than 100 respondents! So why are they ignoring our much larger demand as demonstrated in our petition? 
  3. 1 in 3 Americans own a bike. They need access to safe protected bike lanes.
  4. Mobilize the marginalised! Many people are unable to drive because of:
    1. Costs.
    2. Medical reasons, see the Texas Guide to Driver Limitation:
    3. Legal reasons,
    4. Age (under 16). 

Are the travel needs of everyone who can’t access driving less valid?


  1. Make much needed exercise readily and easily available. Experts say that it is important to make your environment easier when forming new habits. Corpus Christi has a poorly designed city landscape to accommodate it’s residents when they want to form new exercising habits.
  2. When more people exercise, it is less healthcare costs for taxpayers.


  1. Many studies prove that protected bike paths increase the local economy.


  1. It is NOT feasible to have cycling and pedestrians in the same ways. Bikes go at a speed of 12 mph, pedestrians are 2 mph! To make commuting feasible, they cannot share spaces for safety.
  2. None of the bike paths meet the FHA design guides.
  3. Protected bike paths mean less injuries and less deaths. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that protected bike lanes reduced the risk of injury by an impressive 90%.


  1. If more people cycled, there would be less congestion.
  2. There is enough space for protected bike paths. San Antonio and Houston and Austin found plenty! Other cities figured it out!
  3. It isn’t that costly! “A modern, protected bike lanes can costs anywhere from $133,170 to $536,680 per mile, according to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.